I have had my own journey of being overweight and letting myself go.  Prior to becoming a personal trainer, I weighed 12 stone, which to someone who is only 5ft 2inches is plenty enough to look unhealthy, unhappy and overweight!

It was mainly down to my food, I was still exercising, I've always exercised, but I also had a Monday to Friday 9-5 office job, which I loathed.  Back then I thought I could run out my bad diet, how wrong was I?

I trained to be a personal trainer a few years later, after meeting my successful personal trainer/life coach, now husband, Chris.

Once trained, I gave myself the challenge of getting involved in the Body Building world, after seeing a friend be extremely successful in this industry,  Michele Leach (Line) was my inspiration.  I surprised myself and achieved my first show in July 2016 at the St Albans Arena UKBFF Zack Khan Klassics.  What I thought was impossible for me, I could never have gone a day without chocolate passing my lips!  But,  two weekly check-ins with another legend of the sport, Eddie Abbew, kept me on track and I have competed in four shows since then.  My last one was in the city of Las Vegas back in August 2017, where I took home two medals for the Muscle Contest, with another coach, Gianluca Catapano, an incredible experience I'll never forget.

I am now perfectly placed to help you meet your personal fitness goals.


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28 DAY 


Enhance your natural beauty with the tools to tone, lift and sculpt your body.  Lift that butt and slim the waistline all at the same.  Leaving you energised through good nutrition, bespoke to you and your activity level.  This package comes complete with workouts and recipe plans.   Leaving you feeling more confident and educated in making better choices with food to continue the journey. 


Bikini Divas



Minimum, dependent on starting point.

For previous bikini competitions, or committed to unveiling your best body for you.  Whether you're looking transform many aspects of your body for beach, wedding or perhaps you just want to be more confident in your own skin?  Regardless of where your starting point is, we can transform your body for the better. 


This is also ideal for previous bikini competitors who are familiar with routine and structure of contest prep,  I am here every step of the way with:

  • Nutrition plans

  • Workout plans

  • FaceTime calls

  • Track progress closely

  • Progress pictures

£435 or

£200 deposit and three payments of £78.30

Bikini Divas



Minimum, dependent on starting point.

Ideal for first time bikini competitors, everything a girl needs to get to stage.  I will give you all the support and guidance you need, every step of the way.

  • FaceTime calls

  • WhatsApp group

  • Facebook group

  • Posing routine

  • FREE personalised show robe

  • Food plans

  • Workout plans

  • Tracking your progress

  • All the contacts you need for bikini, shoes, make-up etc.

  • Group training sessions once a month at either Watford or Welwyn venues to keep you feeling a part of a team.